Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Invigo- Natural sexual stimulant for men

Invigo www.invigo.in is a sexual health stimulant famous for its efficiency in curing erectile dysfunction & premature ejaculation. The product is formulated using a few powerful ayurvedic herbs including Musli, ayurveda’s highly acclaimed sexual performance enhancer.
Invigo is based on an ancient formulation used in the science of ‘Ayurveda’. Ayurveda is indigenous to India and is supposed to be the oldest practiced health science in the world. This 5000-year old health science is famous for working in tandem with the natural human body systems without inhibiting the body’s normal functioning.
Unlike most other sexual health products, which merely address individual symptoms like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, Invigo goes deeper and sustainably works on addressing the root cause of all sexual problems and in turn permanently alleviates several sexual problems like erectile dysfunction, premature ejactulation, sexual energy loss and loss of sperm count.
Each ingredient in this fully natural sexual health product has a specific role in the formulation and addresses a particular sexual dysfunction. While Safed Musli helps in addressing erectile dysfunction, Mucuna pruriens helps in increasing sperm count and Myristica fragrans increases sexual latency and thus cures premature ejaculation without any side effects.
This product, manufactured by Herbz International, is available for sale at www.invigo.in
Invigo has the following ingredients:
Chlorophytum borrivillianum (Safed musli)
Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha)
Mucuna pruriens (Kapikacchu)
Emblica officinalis (Amla)
Moringa oleifera (Moringa)
Myristica fragrans (Nutmeg)

Chlorophytum borrivillianum (Safed Musli)

Safed Musli is popularly known as ‘Indian Herbal Viagra’ and has been referred to as ‘Divine Medicine’ for its aphrodisiac properties in early ayurveda. The relevance of Safed Musli as an aphrodisiac was rediscovered in India towards the end of the nineties, and the Kynadi Group took up large scale cultivations of this herb across Southern India to meet the growing demand. The active ingredient in Safed Musli roots is a Tripertene Saponin named Sigmasterol. The molecular structure of Stigmasterol is identical to that of male testosterone and it acts as a testosterone supplement. The saponins in Safed Musli contains spermatogenic properties which help in addressing impotency and erectile dysfunction. It also helps in addressing premature ejaculation, impotence and sperm count in men.
Withania Somnifera

Known in Malayalam as ‘Ashwangandha’, this herb has been used for thousands of years as a popular remedy for many conditions. In Invigo, Ashwangandha helps in increasing the supply of blood to the male reproductive organs and thus helps in addressing erectile dysfunction. Perhaps its main use, as described in Ayurvedic literature, is as a daily, long-term "rasayana" or rejuvenating treatment. Ashwagandha is one of the best known and best researched Ayurvedic herbs and holds a place in the Ayurvedic traditions similar to Ginseng in Chinese therapies. For that reason, Ashwagangha has been often referred to as the "Indian Ginseng". It is one of the best health tonics and restorative agents that have been used to treat general debility, exhaustion, stress induced fatigue and insomnia. Studies have shown its rejuvenating effect, particularly for the muscles and marrow.
Mucuna pruriens

“Mucuna Pruriens”, locally known as Naikurna Parippu, is known for its aphrodisiac properties. Apart from promoting general strength, it promotes sexual vigor and potency. It has potent antioxidants, and reduce oxidative damage to sperm by preventing disruption in the membrane integrity of sperms. Naikurna Parippu also has aphrodisiacal properties and is beneficial in oligozoosperm
ia (insufficient sperm cells in the semen). Treatment with this herb has been shown to increase sperm count. L-dopa, a precursor of the neurotransmitter dopamine, isolated from Mucuna Pruriens, has been shown to increase sperm production. This herb also prevents male sterility and acts as a nervine tonic.
The high levels of L-dopa is highly beneficial for men with erectile problems. The L-Dopa content provides much of Mucuna’s benefits. Optimizing dopamine levels appears to increase testosterone levels and elevates one’s mood too.

Moringa Oleifera

This ingredient in Invigo helps in increasing semen volume in men. This vegetable is also capable of reinstating the balance of humors. It improves appetite and digestion and is good for the heart and the eye.

Emblica Officinalis

This herb is commonly called ‘Amla’ or ‘Nellikka’. Amla is known for imparting youthful vigor and strength. It increases sexual stamina and general energy levels. It also enhances memory power and is a major ingredient in the famous ayurvedic tonic called ‘Chavanprasam’. As an anti-oxidant, amla also relieves stress..

Myristica fragrans

Over and above the ayurvedic references corroborating the same, the benefits of Myristica fragrans in addressing and curing male sexual health problems have been scientifically tested and proven in several studies. One of the recent efficacy studies done at the Aligarh University in India is available online at
In the study it was seen that Myristica fragrans increased the Mounting Frequency, Intromission Frequency and Ejaculatory Latency. This meant that while it helped in increasing sexual urge and energy, it helped in controlling premature ejaculation. It was also noted that the Post Ejaculatory Interval was reduced.
Side Effects
Like all ayurvedic products, Invigo is non-invasive and does not inhibit the natural working of the human body. In fact, the herbs used in Invigo, merely work together in restoring the efficiency of the body and thus does not cause any side effects.
It is also to be noted that most of the herbs used in Invigo are commonly used in India for human consumption as part of one’s standard diet. For example Musli, the key ingredient in Invigo, has for centuries been used in the Indian states of Gujarat and Maharashtra as an expensive breakfast cereal. In Invigo, these herbs are used in very moderate quantities, and hence cause no side effects or disruption of the body’s normal functioning.

Safety Validation
Unlike most ayurvedic products that rely merely on historic usage data to validate its efficacy and safety, Invigo has successfully completed relevant safety & toxicity studies and analyses to affirm its safety for human consumption. The product was proven safe after exhaustive heavy metal analyses, aflatoxin studies and acute oral toxicity studies.

Clinical Trials
Following the success of the product and overwhelming feedback, in order to scientifically validate and affirm its efficacy, the Pondichery University’s Department of clinical psychology conducted elaborate Clinical trials to determine the effect of Invigo on Male sexual health problems like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, loss of sexual energy, lack of libido, Asthenospermia, Generalised weakness and oligospermia. The results were extremely promising, particularly so in the realm of natural products. The results proved that Invigo had success rates of above 80% in addressing both erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. The 4 parameters tested were the product’s effectiveness in addressing premature ejactulation and erectile dysfunction, in increasing sperm count and in increasing sexual interest and energy. The results were as follows
Partial Impotence : 88.8%
Premature Ejaculation : 80%
Lack of libido : 74.2%
Asthenospermia : 60%
(Less count or poor motility of sperms)
Generalised weakness : 66.6%

Efficacy & Timelines
In keeping with ayurvedic philosophy, Invigo does not show immediate short-term results. It cannot be used as a substitute for more commercialized medicines that temporarily curb problems like erectile dysfunction. While this works as a disadvantage for people looking at short-term cures, Invigo works more effectively in addressing the root causes of one’s sexual problems and alleviates them over a period of time.
In most cases Invigo starts showing effects on erectile functioning within 7-10 days. After about 3-4 weeks of use, the effects are more evident and are known to last for several months. The effects on premature ejaculation and sexual interest is also normally evident in the 1st couple of weeks.

Commercial Success
The commercial success f Invigo can be attributed to its long-term effects and lack of side effects. While the retail price of the product is substantially higher than most competitive products, Invigo proves cost effective in the long run with its benefits lasting for more than 6 months to a year depending on the severity of the indication. The fact that several competitive products in the market cause adverse side effects has also helped Invigo in carving out a niche for itself.

Carrying the flag of Ayurveda high
The Global natural products boom resulted in the popularity and commercialization of several traditional health sciences from across the globe. However, the oldest practiced health science in the world, Ayurveda, never received due recognition and acceptance in most parts of the world. Low awareness and poor marketing initiatives resulted in this rich science being mostly confined to several parts of India.
Invigo, with its efficacy and refinement has developed to be a torch bearer for ayurveda around the world. Invigo’s success in addressing sexual insufficiencies of consumers across continents has gone a long way in enhancing the credibility of ayurveda as a competent and effective health science.

Invigo is manufactured by Herbz International, a boutique wellness solutions provider based out of Kerala in Southern India. Herbz International is a forward integrated arm of Herbz India, a medicinal herb contract farming and trading company operating in rural India. Herbz International leverages on Herbz India’s access to fresh medicinal herbs and uses these herbs to formulate ayurvedic medicines and supplements.
Invigo & the community
Herbz International is a company that focuses on ‘Benevolent Citizenship’ and supports ‘Freedom through Education’, an initiative aimed at educating 1 million children in India, by the year 2010. The company claims that 10 cents of out of every bottle of Invigo sold in the US market is spent on supporting children’s education in India. Apart from this, 10% of the company’s profits are committed to charitable purposes and another 10% is spent on supporting missionary activities in India.

Discounts & The ‘Invigo Patron Program’
Sold at close to US$ 50, Invigo is by no means inexpensive. Moreover, with the growing demand for Invigo, discounts for this product are very difficult to come by. However, there is a non-commercialized relationship program run by the company, the details of which can be got by writing to patron@herbzmail.com . As per this program, every online consumer who is registered as a patron can avail an incremental discount of 10% with every repeat purchase of Invigo.
In other words, if a consumer who buys Invigo is interested in joining as a patron, he can write to patron@herbzmail.com to enroll for this program. Once a consumer is found eligible to be registered as a patron, he would get a 10% discount on his 2nd bottle, a 20% discount on his 3rd bottle, a 30% discount on his 4th bottle and a 40% discount on his 5th bottle, after which his 40% discount would continue for a period of one year.
The company uses its worldwide base of Invigo patrons to validate and testify for the efficacy of Invigo and also as a loyal community providing genuine feedback on the company’s new products and formulations.

Invigo Online
Invigo can be purchased online from the product site: www.invigo.in and certain other online stores. Payments at www.invigo.in are accepted through VISA or Mastercard or through a Paypal account.


watson said...

I took invigo for some time and it really did wonders for my sex life.. I had more energy and my erectile dysfunction reduced to almost nothing.. the best part was that the effects lasted really long.. no side effects.. so it’s a really convenient fix..

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Rahul said...

I first realized I had an erectile dysfunction problem around 3 years back. Tried several medicines after that, and was totally dependent on Viagra at a point. But last year I ended up trying out an Indian herbal product called Invigo. Had to have 2 capsules a day for a few days before I started noticing that I didn’t need anything else to perform anymore. This product is awesome, probably the only natural product which actually works.

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Tiger said...

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Anonymous said...

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Sivguru said...

Visit www.invigo.in to buy Invigo

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Does this work as strong as Viagra?

Anonymous said...

most definitely,
i have used it for about 10 days and i see a new myself. My organ has gone back to its youth-hard,rock solid and unwilting

Unknown said...

Invigo is available in India - you cna now buy the same online.


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